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Ride business risk with confidence


Riding the swells of business risk, where customer defaults and market volatility can challenge even the most seasoned of managers, requires a steadfast partner. Coface, a global leader in credit risk management, helps businesses across the globe proactively monitor and navigate risk through our unique data insights and underwriting expertise to enable smarter business decisions and business growth.

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How Coface North America is putting CSR into action


At Coface, corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn’t a buzzword – it’s woven into every aspect of our company. “Whether it's fostering diversity and inclusion or being stewards for the environment, corporate responsibility is just good business," says Oscar Villalonga, CEO of the North American Region (NAR). "By making equity and sustainability a part of our overall corporate strategy, we are a more responsible employer, insurer, and business partner to our clients. We’re also positively contributing to the lives of our employees and communities."

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Coface North America Expands Trade Credit Insurance Leadership Team


Coface North America announced today the expansion of its trade credit insurance (TCI) leadership team with the addition of industry veterans John Reilly and Chris Hoffen. With decades of experience growing and scaling mid-market operations, both leaders will focus on expanding Coface’s mid-market segment within the United States.

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2024: a pivotal year, in Coface Country and Sector Risk Barometer – Q4 2023


After a somewhat turbulent 2023, which ultimately turned out much better than expected, 2024 is shaping up to be as decisive as it is uncertain, both in (geo)political terms, with more than 60 national elections - presidential and/or legislative - and in economic terms, with risks mounting on a still slowing global economy.

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Fast track business decisions with URBA360's predictive insights


When companies need to assess the creditworthiness of potential customers, using time-consuming in-house research methods or sifting through lengthy, data-packed reports can lead to decision-making delays and missed revenue.
Fortunately, there’s a forward-looking solution that delivers clear and predictive insights to streamline your decision-making process: URBA360, Coface’s new risk assessment platform.

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