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Coface appoints Oscar Villalonga to lead its North America region


Coface announces today the appointment of Oscar Villalonga, 52, as the new CEO, North America Region.

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Turkish economy: domestic demand still waning but exports fuelled by the lira’s depreciation


Stagflation becoming a reality, exports are a key-source of revenues for economy, especially in the automotive sector
Exporters are flexible; government support is vital for exporters to gain new market shares

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FY-2018 results: net income up 47% at €122.3M and pay-out of 100% of net income


Our good 2018 results show the relevance of our Fit to Win strategic plan in a now more volatile economic environment. Our net income of €122 million is up 47% and corresponds to a return on equity close to our average through the cycle objective excluding further capital optimisation actions

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Two pitfalls for businesses in 2019: the economic downturn and political risks


Coface will be sharing its vision of the major trends in the world economy in 2019 with businesses at its annual conference on country and sectoral risks.

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Coface upgraded to ‘Prime’ status by ISS-oekom agency in its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility rating


ISS-oekom, one of the world's leading rating agencies in the area of sustainable investment, has awarded for the first time ‘Prime’ status to Coface for its social responsibility performance (...)

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