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Business Tip for Better 360: Take the URBA wheel for a spin


Growing a business while minimizing risk isn’t easy. The constant monitoring of new and existing suppliers can certainly lead to one (or many) sleepless nights. For many companies, active risk monitoring requires filtering through many data sources in an attempt to connect the dots and distill data into actionable insights. And then to keep doing it – over and over again.

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Coface North America economic update: Monetary tightening, easing inflation, and a looming shutdown


As we enter the fourth quarter for 2023, its time to look back on our economic bingo card to see what predictions delivered and what surprises stole our attention. At the start the year, Coface North America Economist Ruben Nizard outlined a trajectory for the region. Among the forecast included easing inflation and a U.S. economy avoiding recession despite mounting challenges.

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Country and Sector Risk Barometer Q3 2023: Macroeconomics put to the test by microeconomic deterioration


All the leading indicators point to a sharp slowdown in activity in North America and the Eurozone towards the end of the year, and the recovery of the Chinese economy has rapidly collided with structural weaknesses and a lack of confidence among households and businesses. In this context, we have modified 7 country risk assessments (2 upgrades and 5 downgrades) and 33 sector risk assessments (17 upgrades and 16 downgrades).
More in our latest barometer.

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Vital Stats: Safeguard Your Business with Coface Trade Credit Insurance


Financial losses. Cash flow challenges. Reputation damage. No company wants to face nightmares like these that could disrupt operations, limit growth opportunities, and squash competitiveness. Fortunately, there’s a valuable tool that can help you manage risks associated with credit sales, ensure the continuity of your operations, and give you the confidence you need to pursue growth opportunities: Coface Trade Credit Insurance (TCI).

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