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Coface launches credit-insurance offer in Greece


Local companies set to benefit from Coface’s expertise in risk prevention and payment protection.

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COFACE SA: Dividend per share at 0.79€, representing 100% of EPS. Nathalie Bricker and Nicolas Moreau are proposed as new directors.


The Board of Directors of Coface SA met on 27th March 2019 and has decided to propose a dividend of €0.79 per share (representing a payout of 100%). Subject to approval of this proposal by the Annual General Meeting on 16th May 2019, the ex-dividend date will be on 22nd May 2019 and the payment date will be on 24th May 2019.
The Board also decided, on the recommendation of the Compensation & Nomination Committee, to propose to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the appointment of two new Board members, Nathalie Bricker (non- independent), CFO of Natixis and Nicolas Moreau (independent).

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Registration document 2018


Registration document including the Financial report.

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Latin America: Brazil and Mexico’s oil industries – opposite policies?


In the context of a global oil market that is likely to remain volatile, the two largest Latin American economies – Brazil and Mexico – are expected to implement significant changes in their energy policies in the medium term. Both countries have appointed new presidents in the last year following polarised elections: in Brazil the right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro took office in January 2019, while December 2018 saw the arrival of left-wing André Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)1. Similarly, the two oil industries share two main common features: their state-owned companies have experienced significant financial and governance issues, and both countries are crude oil exporters and net oil derivative importers. Conversely, in terms of energy policies, they appear to be taking opposite directions.

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