About Coface



“The relationship with Coface has evolved to one of partnership allowing us to manage and accommodate our business with better awareness.”

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"We purchased credit insurance initially to facilitate the perfection of our credit line facility. From the initial objective of providing comfort to our banks, the service added depth to our business decisions."
"The interaction with Coface allows us to better assess our clients’ condition and has been a valuable tool in business development. Coface excels with their dynamic Credit Risk Rating assessment and their willingness to consider client-sourced information."
-Ed Bonpin, Managing Director and CFO, APG Trade, Inc.
 APG Trade, Inc. is a wholesaler of chemicals and raw materials based in northern New Jersey.

“In this global economy, I would not feel comfortable without a Coface policy in place.”

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"We have increased sales abroad due to our level of comfort in offering extended terms to businesses where there was limited credit information available directly, because Coface underwriters reviewed the risk and determined our interests were safe."
-Elizabeth Hoffman, CFO, Darex LLC
Darex LLC is a designer and manufacturer of industrial knife and tool sharpeners, based in Oregon.

“That’s why we do business with Coface.”

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"The relationship was cemented early on when we were surprised by a bankruptcy filing by one of our customers while owing approximately $475,000. The claim was promptly paid by Coface, thus avoiding a serious catastrophic loss."
-Tom Mineau, Corporate Credit Manager, Jewett-Cameron Company
Jewett-Cameron Company specializes in lumber and wood products, fences, greenhouses, and premium pet enclosures.

How can Coface credit insurance help you prevent non-payment of invoices?

- Anticipate and resolve payment arrears from a customer;
- Benefit from the quality and strength of Coface’s prevention;
- Receive personalised advice from a Coface expert present in your market;
- Focus on growing your business.