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Fast track business decisions with URBA360's predictive insights

URBA 360

When companies need to assess the creditworthiness of potential customers, using time-consuming in-house research methods or sifting through lengthy, data-packed reports can lead to decision-making delays and missed revenue.

Fortunately, there’s a forward-looking solution that delivers clear and predictive insights to streamline your decision-making process: URBA360, Coface’s new risk assessment platform.

Coface’s Senior Vice President of Business Information, Jeff Anop, highlighted several key factors that distinguish URBA360 from systems offered by other data providers including predictive insights, a globally unified scoring system, actionable and easy-to-comprehend data, and a commitment to gathering comprehensive information clients need to assess risk.


Insights vs. Static Snapshots

Unlike traditional data providers that rely on a static snapshot in time to generate a risk assessment, URBA360 stands out by offering distinctive data and insights that assess a company’s current financial health while also predicting its likelihood of default in the future.

With access to information on more than 130 million companies globally, URBA360 presents actionable insights in an easy-to-understand graphical wheel, providing a comprehensive, 360-degree risk assessment profile. The profile encompasses a universal default risk assessment (DRA) score, sector and country risk assessments, credit opinion, and company financials.

“Thanks to the diligent work of our extensive global team of insurance underwriters who enhance the data with their human-powered insights, our unique strength lies in our ability to anticipate future trends and developments over the next 12 months,” Anop said.


Globally Unified Scoring System for Simplified Analysis

URBA360’s globally unified scoring system is a standout feature, ensuring consistency and standardization in the scoring and predictive insights derived from its data. This approach provides a comprehensive view of a company’s portfolio, whether it includes domestic or international companies.

“The disparity in scoring systems from other providers makes it challenging to compare risk across diverse portfolios,” Anop said. “However, URBA360 offers a consistent 1-10 scoring system, irrespective of the company’s location. This uniformity simplifies the analysis of risk across a wide-ranging and diverse portfolio, making it more accessible and actionable for businesses.”


Actionable Insights for Informed Decision-Making

While other business information services deliver raw data that requires extensive review to derive insights, URBA360 goes a step further, not only providing data but also offering explanations of why the data leads to certain conclusions. This level of detail equips companies with the information needed for swift and effective decision-making.

For instance, URBA360 provides a country risk assessment, which considers the current and potential future state of affairs in a particular country. Let’s take Argentina as an example. Suppose a company has a supplier in Argentina, where a new leader with a strong focus on government austerity has just been elected. In such a scenario, URBA360 doesn’t simply flag the country as undergoing a political transition; it goes a step further to highlight the potential for political instability, offering companies a clear understanding into why a lower scoring decision or credit opinion was made.

“URBA360’s commitment to providing actionable insights with the ‘why’ behind them empowers businesses to make informed decisions promptly, enhancing their ability to navigate complex global markets with confidence,” Anop said.


Coface’s Commitment to Comprehensive Data

At Coface, our dedication to providing the most accurate and timely information goes beyond what you might expect from traditional data providers. We understand the importance of having a complete picture when evaluating potential partners or clients, which is why our global team is willing to go the extra mile.

Consider this real-life example: A customer who had previously relied on a traditional data provider made the switch to URBA360 for several compelling reasons. They found the system’s DRA scores to be not only more predictive but also timelier and more accurate. However, what truly set us apart for this company was Coface’s willingness to generate a score, where one did not previously exist.

“With some traditional data providers, if you submit a record for a company they don’t have in their database, you might receive a response like ‘no match found’ and be left without any valuable insights,” Anop said. “In contrast, Coface takes a proactive approach. We employ advanced algorithms to autogenerate scores and call on the underwriters in our dedicated data centers to collect necessary data to ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions.”

Coface’s promise is simple: If you don’t have a score for a company, submit it to us, and we will do the legwork to produce a score, sparing you the frustration of dead ends and incomplete information.

“This personalized approach is a hallmark of our commitment to providing unparalleled insights, helping companies avoid bottlenecks and accelerate revenue growth,” Anop said.

Learn more about how Coface can be your partner in making efficient, well-informed business decisions to accelerate your company’s growth. Book a free test drive of our URBA360 platform today.