Our Offer


Prevention of and cover against the risk of unpaid invoices


  • Your risks decrease and are better controlled
  • New bank financing becomes possible
  • Your profit margins are safeguarded
  • Your provisions for bad debt are reduced
TradeLiner Credit-insurance: A comprehensive and tailor-made offer
The offer you need if…

You are a B-to-B business with turnover of more than $8 million USD,

You want to make your commercial transactions safe and protect your company from the risk of unpaid commercial debts, whether as a result of bankruptcy or late payment.

TradeLiner safe-guards your cash-flow and is an effective tool to enhance your credit management… bringing you peace of mind, financial stability and facilitating the healthy growth of your business.



TradeLiner: A comprehensive and tailor-made offer

TradeLiner means continuous prevention and protection from the risk of non-payment of:

  • Sales on your domestic and export markets,
  • Sales of your subsidiaries.

Operations insured include:

  • Consumer goods,
  • Services,
  • Operations linked to international trade.

The source of risk may be:

  • commercial: non-payment by your customer,
  • Political: non-payment due to your customer’s country (e.g. government decision),
  • Linked to a natural disaster.

A comprehensive and tailor-made offer

  • Payment defaults for all of your sales payable on credit terms
  • Coverage customized to each of your customers
  • Autonomy allowing you to determine your coverage
  • Flexibility with the payment terms you grant to your customers
  • Indemnification up to 90% of your losses
  • Collection services for your unpaid debts
  • Simplified risk premium with an all-inclusive rate
  • An on-line tool, “CofaNet Essentials”, to manage your buyer (customer) portfolio and buyer coverage



You have a specific need, we have the solution

TradeLiner adjusts to your sector of activity, your organization, what makes your business unique. Choose from an extensive range of options and services for a contract that fits your activity, your customer locations and the degree to which your management is centralized, for example. 





    A comprehensive offer that adapts to evolutions in your business


    A solution that allows you to grow your sales safely


    Facilitates your access to bank financing