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Ride business risk with confidence

Ride business risk with confidence

Riding the swells of business risk, where customer defaults and market volatility can challenge even the most seasoned of managers, requires a steadfast partner. Coface, a global leader in credit risk management, helps businesses across the globe proactively monitor and navigate risk through our unique data insights and underwriting expertise to enable smarter business decisions and business growth.

Trade credit insurance and business information from Coface can work together to create a safety net of coverage for everyday business transactions while also helping to monitor and predict future risks before they happen. You're not just insuring transactions; you're securing peace of mind, enabling your business to explore new markets, improve financials, and trade confidently in North America and around the globe.

Our Trade Credit Solutions Have You Covered

Trade credit insurance is a critical asset for any business juggling the realities of economic uncertainty and risk of non-payment or customer insolvency.

But trade credit insurance can be so much more. Smart companies use credit insurance as a tool to create and illuminate new routes to stable and strategic expansion. When you’re covered by Coface, you can trade and expand with confidence, creating a growth-centric atmosphere with a focus on pursuing new opportunities.

Companies of all sizes, in every industry, and at all international exposure levels can take advantage of the specialized trade credit products Coface offers.

Our trade credit product options include TradeLiner, which provides comprehensive coverage against the risk of non-payment due to customer insolvency or protracted default. TradeLiner helps you manage risk more effectively and provides your company with the support you need to extend credit with confidence.

We also offer the benefit of non-cancellable credit limits for your most critical accounts, as well as Coface Global Solutions (CGS), created specifically to support our large multinational customers with flexibility, international awareness, and dedicated account services.

Spot Trouble Ahead & Navigate to Success with the Urba360 Wheel

Moving beyond the conventional approach of static, snapshot risk assessments, Urba360 sets sail with a fresh approach, using dynamic data to offer forward-looking insights. Our tools consider the current financial climate while forecasting potential future default risks like an experienced navigator predicting changing tides.

Boasting a database that spans millions of companies worldwide, Urba360 offers actionable intelligence through a visually intuitive graphical wheel. This innovative format offers a panoramic, 360-degree risk assessment of potential business partners. One of the key features of our business information suite of solutions is the Coface Score, or debtor risk assessment (DRA).

A Score is a unique global assessment that evaluates a company’s capacity to honor its financial commitments within the next 12 months. Companies are assigned a standardized score that ranges from 0 (Insolvency) to 10 (Very High Financial Stability). Urba360 customers have access to the same scores used by Coface underwriters every day to determine policy coverage and limit decisions.

With the power of a Coface Score, you can begin business partnerships knowing your decisions are backed by in-depth data and more than 75 years of experience and expertise.

Explore the Possibilities when You Ride the Risk with Coface

At Coface, we don't just insure; we advise, guide, and protect, empowering your business's growth in a secure environment. Leveraging crucial financial data, we pinpoint specific risks and tailor our insurance and business information solutions to help you navigate a path to global expansion. Trust Coface to be your partner in the exploration of new opportunities, knowing every decision is anchored in our expertise, and your business is supported by unparalleled protection.