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Today’s business requires millions of decisions to be made each day with most of these decisions relying on insights or information from robust monitoring and thorough risk assessments. If you need help supporting timely decisions or an added layer of confidence to your existing risk management procedures, you need Coface Business Information.
Determine your credit risk with Business Information


Detailed vendor and counterparty risk assessments can be time consuming and resource intensive. Help your team by providing on-demand information on over 65 million companies across the globe. 
Our credit information services are designed to help businesses make wise credit decisions, no matter where they trade. We offer a range of information products, from credit reports to recommendations on risk taking — all in one convenient package.
Our information is so good, we use it ourselves for our more than 10,000 underwriting decisions made each day. See for yourself and request a demo today.



Many companies are exploring products like business information services as an added resource to help expedite and improve decision-making. Business information products can supplement traditional assessments and internal protocols to provide more robust third-party monitoring and market insights.
While each product varies, business information products typically incorporate financial, market, and socio-economic considerations. These factors combined together can help provide a more holistic view of a potential business scenario to help minimize disruptions and protect your bottom-line.
To learn more, download our most recent guide Forecasting the Future: How Business Information can prevent counterparty risks.

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