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Helping businesses to take the right decisions



Coface has been supporting the development of international trade for 70 years and offers Export Trade Credit Insurance in approximately 200 countries.


This international network, combined with business information on 80 million companies, means that you can be confident that we will know the opportunities and challenges you face, wherever in the world you are trading .


We advise, guide and protect companies to enable their development in a safer environment. In fulfilling this mission, we make use of key financial data for identifying and understanding particular risks and suggesting suitable insurance cover.




Credit Insurance protects businesses from bad debt caused by a customer's insolvency or payment default. It safeguards cash flow. So should the worst happen and non-payment occurs credit insurance will replace the cash, safeguarding the future of the company.
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With Coface as a partner you can extend credit to your overseas customers confidently by gaining access to Coface's powerful and dynamic business database - providing valuable credit ratings and business information on over 65 million companies worldwide.
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Coface's debt collection services help you to manage your receivables more efficiently. Our international network provides global coverage and debt collection through our direct presence and partnerships in 97 countries.
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Why Choose Coface?

Why Choose Coface?

TO BE WELL INFORMED: detailed analyses of the sector risks, geographical risks, tools that really work for monitoring and evaluating the risk of your clients defaulting.

TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS: advice and assistance from high-level experts well-versed in techniques for obtaining information, underwriting risks and recovering debts.


TO BE WELL SUPPORTED: strong capacity for dialogue and advice, particularly on the part of the sales staff, the underwriters and credit analysts.


TO BE ABLE TO ACT AT THE RIGHT TIME: highly responsive thanks to the physical proximity of the teams in the countries where you operate.

How can Coface credit insurance help you prevent non-payment of invoices?

- Anticipate and resolve payment arrears from a customer;
- Benefit from the quality and strength of Coface’s prevention;
- Receive personalised advice from a Coface expert present in your market;
- Focus on growing your business.
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