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Worldwide launch of TopLiner

The Coface Group announces the worldwide launch of TopLiner, a supplemental credit insurance cover, gradually provided in the framework of the “Globalliance” standard contract if the initial guarantee is less than the request or refused. TopLiner offers a flexible, transparent, quick solution for covering customer risk while remaining loyal to the single main contract. Separate from traditional underwriting and based on a price adapted to the risk, the TopLiner concept allows companies to make an objective risk-taking decision.


Jean-Marc Pillu, Chief Executive officer of the Coface Group, says: « Created as a result of our experience with the crisis, TopLiner is part of our mission to support the commercial development of companies seeking stronger protection against the risk of overdue payments from vulnerable buyers, whether they are strategic or occasional. The benefits that it offers to our customers around the world fully justify its slogan: « When more is your strategy » ».


Additional cover, combining the advantages of the main contract, speed, and transparency
  • TopLiner is a non-cancellable supplemental cover incorporated into the Globalliance contract, without any access cost and billed only upon use by the customer. 
  • It is available exclusively online, with an immediate answer and transparent pricing, based on parameters that the customer can modify, without automatic renewal or billing of investigation and limit fees.


With TopLiner, the customer becomes more involved in the risk-taking process

With the creation of TopLiner, Coface leaves companies free to take additional risks in real time:

  • The adjusted price becomes a risk assessment index. The customer can compare the cost of the risk and its net margin in order to make an objective decision.
  • It is the customer who determines the amount of cover (between €5,000 and €5 million) and the duration (between 30 and 90 days). 

"More and more businesses now say that they are willing to be charged according to the quality of the risk. This reflects an increasing customer awareness of risk intensification and a need for greater flexibility, in line with the unstable economic environment", concludes Jean-Marc Pillu.

Download this press release : Worldwide launch of TopLiner (26.88 kB)


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