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A new identity and a new tagline for Coface

A new identity and a new tagline for Coface
Since 2011, Coface has refocused on its core business, credit insurance, and has reorganised itself to improve the way it supports its clients in an unstable economic environment. In this spirit, the Group has now taken on a new visual identity and a new tagline: "Coface for safer trade”. A unique sign of an international brand, the new identity is being introduced from 21 January 2013 in the 66 entities of the Coface Group.


 "The new visual identity launched today reflects the substantial transformation of Coface over the past 2 years. Our new tagline expresses our  specific added value as a credit insurer and a strong promise towards our clients: safer trade across the world", explains Jean-Marc Pillu, Chief Executive Officer of the Coface Group. 


A new brand positioning, symbol of a strong commitment to clients

Coface's new brand positioning is based on the strengths of a credit insurer: its expertise in assessing and preventing risks and the solutions provided to companies to protect them against the risk of their clients’ financial default, therefore allowing them to develop securely. 

This is what the Group's new tagline reflects: ‘Coface for safer trade’, symbol of Coface's strong commitment to its clients.



A new image for a new ambition

Designed by the French agency W & Cie (Havas Group), Coface's new visual identity is easier and more powerful. Each component of this identity (logotype, typography, colour range, layout, etc.) has been designed to reflect and support the Group's new strategic direction.

The graphic play between the letters ‘C’ and ‘O’ in the logo, which meet like two arms, expresses the relationship of trust that Coface maintains with its clients. 
The different colour of the two letters suggests complementariness: the clients of Coface have clients themselves. Lastly, the linkage of the C and the O brings to mind the infinity sign, which anchors the brand in its line of business by alluding to the universe of data and endless possibilities.

In the same way, the iconographic universe, representing the business people that Coface supports, puts the customer at the core of Coface's concerns.

The logotype and graphics are organised around a blue and a bright green. The blue is part of the heritage of Coface, ensuring continuity with the previous logotype. As for the new green, it affirms the uniqueness and modernisation of the Group.

Download this press release : A new identity and a new tagline for Coface (48.65 kB)


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