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Business Partner

Kompass is the worldwide leader of company information.


Kompass has over 60 years experience in providing global business information that can be used for sales, marketing, research and purchasing.
Kompass uses a unique classification system, more in depth than SIC codes, which allows you to target the companies you need with the utmost precision.
The team at Kompass North America form part of this leading global B2B database company that covers over 60 countries worldwide. Each country locally collects, maintains and enhances the database ensuring that our information is up to date and relevant for your needs.
Kompass’ expertise lies in 3 main areas:

  • Increasing the online presence of companies via advertising on its website.
  • Optimizing sales, marketing, research and procurement in companies with access to the North  American database and worldwide databases (2.8 million companies) via the internet, extranet subscriptions and direct marketing files.
  • Connecting buyers and suppliers internationally with Contact+ which enables all users to send free of charge requests for quotation in order to optimize their supply chain and driving leads to its advertisers.
 Visit Kompass North America at http://us.kompass.com.